A new, easy to navigate, utilities mobile app offering a more personalised and contextual experience to over five million customers.

What is ScottishPower?

My Role

I joined ScottishPower as a Lead UX/UI Designer to play a crucial role in creating a more targeted product strategy and establishing a human-centered design approach within the company. I introduced new tools, practices, and processes to enhance collaboration and efficiency. Additionally, I led the product design efforts for the company's expansion into the USA and Ireland, while also mentoring a team of UX/UI designers, offering them feedback, guidance, and support to help them advance in their design careers.

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The goal of this project was to radically redesign the existing ScottishPower app and deliver a smooth, more contextual user experience, to improve the visual style and introduce new areas of the business such as home services, smart devices and electric vehicles.

The Approach

Throughout the project, I collaborated with stakeholders, product owners and business analysts to gather project requirements, collect feedback and conduct iterative user testing on wireframes, interactive prototypes, and visual designs. I ensured that the new app fulfils customer needs, follows the technical and business requirements and complies with the regulatory and legal standards.

I worked closely with the engineering team, providing support during every stage of the implementation process. I helped smooth out any unforeseen issues that might have arisen, resulting in a successful and smooth delivery of the final product.

The Solution

Home Screen

The new home screen offers a personalised experience to all 5 million ScottishPower customers. Thanks to its scalable tile design, it can easily adjust to new business needs and requirements based on dynamic rules and customer types.

Each tile on the home screen represents a micro-app within the main ScottishPower app. In addition, tiles could turn into widgets and present more contextual information to users at a glance on the app home screen.





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