2015 · iPadOS APP

iPad-based Point of Sale platform

What is IntelligentPOS?


A few months before IntelligentPOS was acquired by the Swedish fintech firm iZettle, I led the overhaul of its entire digital product suite. The primary aim of this revamp was to enhance user experience and ensure a cohesive look and functionality between the primary IntelligentPOS iPad application, its web-based admin platform, and the supplementary reports apps for iOS and Android.

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I collaborated with product managers to determine project specifications, conduct user testing on wireframes, interactive models, and visual layouts, and gather feedback. It was crucial for me to ensure that the revamped app catered to the users' demands. This assurance came from comprehensive quantitative and qualitative studies, alongside user tests with various retail and hospitality enterprises that were participating in IntelligentPOS's beta program. Adhering to technical specifications and maintaining a tight-knit relationship with the developers was key. This guaranteed a seamless transition to the final product.

The Solution

My efforts culminated in a user-friendly, adaptable, and scalable user interface that streamlines the sales procedure while providing businesses with an array of advanced features. The interface, paired with third-party API integrations, empowers businesses to adapt swiftly to sales trends and consumer behaviors.